My story starts in a common place:

I woke up one day and realized that something was missing in my life. Something important. Something that left me lonely and searching for belonging in the world without it. And it was something I remembered having as a kid.

I couldn’t keep going without finding some answers. I started searching in ways I never had before. And it led me on a journey to meet and learn from kids all over the world as I worked with them to build The Wonderment, a place where they could share their voices and visions with each other.

Along the way, I began to realize that wonder goes way beyond just a nice feeling— it’s an evolutionary force that is essential to being human. It’s here to help us (and our kids) overcome anxiety and loneliness, embrace uncertainty and take risks to create beauty, kindness and purpose in the world.

And we need it now more than ever.

Watch to see how the evolutionary power of wonder can change everything from how you form relationships to how you look at your job to how you talk to your kids —and how to bring it into both the big dreams and the everyday efforts of your life.